Kerry Howes RMT

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Kerry Howes RMT London
Skillset: Sports massage, Deep tissue massage, Fascial release trigger point therapy

Kerry graduated from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy 3,000-Hour Program in 2008, in British Columbia, Canada, where she practised for eight years as a Registered Massage Therapist. Born and raised in England, she has recently moved back and is excited to start a new chapter in London.

She believes strongly in the benefit of massage therapy and enjoys working with a variety of healthcare professionals to help her clients live healthy and happy lives.

Kerry enjoys diverse practise and is experienced in treating a wide spectrum of conditions including sports injuries, overuse injuries, motor vehicle accidents, tension headaches, back and neck, stress related tension, systemic conditions and pregnancy massage, to name a few. Kerry believes in educating clients and encouraging them to become active participants in their therapy.

When not practicing, Kerry can be found outside, exercising and exploring – or in the crossfit gym pushing herself to maintain her own physical fitness, challenging herself to learn new strengths and skills. She has been in crossfit for the past eight years and a coach for six, sharing her passion for fitness with both adult and children of all ages. Kerry’s active lifestyle and personal journey to wellness allows her to easily relate to her clients and provide effective guidance in treatments.

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