A Hindman

I initially attended Bodymotion in January 2013 for the treatment of chronic neck and low back pain which I had struggled with for ten years following an accident. From the very beginning, I was very impressed with the treatment and assessment I received from Emma. My symptoms are so much better and my posture has improved considerably. I feel the fittest that I have felt in years. I would not hesitate to recommend Emma or her team to anyone who suffers with neck pain or low back pain. Thank you!

Tanja Venisnik

If I believed in miracles, I would call Emma Daniells a miracle worker. But I don’t, so I only have Emma’s expertise and professionalism to thank for fixing my completely cramped-up mid back and relieving me of my pain and misery. As I was truly impressed with her work, I decided to visit Emma again, so she could work on my long ignored knee and hip injury and help me prepare for my recent London 10 K run. Again, the results were amazing! I ran like the wind and, most importantly, felt no pain at all! Not only is Emma a true professional, but she also brings warmth and genuine care to the table, making her patients feel relaxed and optimistic about getting better.

P Garcia

I visited Andrew with severe low back pains which really restricted my movement. With the help of Andrew I was able to make a full recovery. He then put me on a rehabilitation exercise program to prevent thepain from returning


Emma has been treating me for a shoulder injury. I came to this clinic as it was recommended by a friend who received treatment for her back and was impressed by the results. I was reluctant as have always thought that chiropractors only treated backs but this is not the case and my shoulder is feeling much better after only one session. You receive a very high level of service from Emma and I would definitely recommend her.

T Castelli

Having suffered with various injuries and operations, I have come across a number of physiotherapists and healthcare professionals. At best, the advice I was given would give short term relief but I struggled to find an ongoing solution.

At Body Motion Chiropractic, it was the first time that I fully understood the causes behind any injury, what I could do to alleviate the symptoms but also how to prevent any further damage. I have had regular chiropractic treatment this year with Emma and have just finished the London Marathon – something I was told, by doctors, I wouldn’t be able to do. I don’t think I would have finished without the professional service and advice from Emma. I would definitely recommend Body Motion and will certainly come back when I take on my next challenge!

R. Stott

Andrew fixed my back pain after the first session. He is highly effective and knowledgeable. After my time with him my problem vanished and I have not had any issues since. I have been recommending him ever since my first session. Outstanding.

R. Stott

M. Page

Andrew has been brilliant. Sorted out my symptoms by rectifying some muscoloskeletal problems. He really is expert and is like a magician. Feel wonderful after every session. Very good value, far better than treating those aches and pains with a massage that feels good at the time but doesn’t target deep-seated problems. Prior to seeing Andrew I had seen Emma on a good few occasions in relation to previous complaints.  All that I have said above applies to Emma as well.  Thank you both.

M. Page

L. Lazzarino

Andrew has been very professional from the start of the therapies and has guided me through a full recovery which I hadn’t even expected as previous health professionals advised I was not going to go back to normal after my injury. I am very thankful and would recommend him to anyone.

L. Lazzarino

C. Williams

Andrew is a first rate chiropractor and I highly recommend him, he’s extremely personable, knowledgable and great at his job.

C. Williams

K. Metelkina

Being a very active person, a keen climber and a swimmer, I have been consistently putting my body through demanding exercise routine, until I got to a stage where I started experiencing various aches and pains all over my body, mostly in my back, neck, arms and shoulders, and stopped progressing in my training. I was in a lot of pain and a desperate need of a good sports massage when I came across Bodymotion’s website and booked an appointment with Jack.
After my first appointment I knew I was not just getting a massage, but a very professional and comprehensive treatment, tailored specifically for my needs. Jack was able to quickly establish causes of my complaints and treat the source. He used different techniques to treat each separate problem, including trigger point therapy to loosen very painful knots in my back and “flossing” – to release a trapped nerve in my elbow, which stopped me from climbing for two weeks. Jack demonstrated a very deep knowledge of his subject and took time to explain what caused the problems I was experiencing.
Following each session Jack made sure that I understood ways in which to maintain the treatment in my home environment. I have also learned a great deal about managing potential new aches and injuries on my own.
It gives me a lot of comfort knowing that I can continue challenging myself and pushing my physical boundaries, because if it gets too much again I can completely rely on Jack’s skills and knowledge to help me recover quickly and get back to the things I enjoy.

In addition to everything above, Jack has a very approachable and friendly personality and I could not recommend him more

K Metelkina

Selma Nametak

I have a long term injury to my lower back which has caused me daily pain and restricted my movement and activity for about 4 years. I have been to a full range of specialists including a surgeon, an osteopath and many others. My GP’s solution was to take painkillers and that is all they could do as, in the doctors words, “pain will go away after a couple of weeks”‘.
When I walked into Emma’s office I was in excruciating pain from my hip all the way down my leg on my right side but was pain-free after about five visits. After a little while I also started seeing Jack for rehabilitation. I can’t speak highly enough of their incredible skills and the care.
It is most gratifying for me to know that there is a great team and support by Body Motion staff for my personal well-being over and above the exceptional chiropractic care. The treatment given is always thorough and I would recommend the practice to anyone without hesitation.

Selma Nametak

Ben Mohammed

I am a martial arts student and injured my elbow during a class when an instructor demonstrated an “elbow wrench”. Unfortunately the technique was applied too strongly and my elbow made an audible “click” and I felt a sharp pain. I thought it was not anything to be concerned about as bumps and bruises are a regular part of martial arts training and that it would heal by itself in no time. However it did not get better and after a couple of months I was still unable to straighten my arm fully. With an important grading looming later in the year, I sought the help of Jack at Body Motion. He immediately put me on a program to manage the injury, but more importantly during the course of treatment he advised how I could train around the injury with the use of supports. As Jack is himself a sports person he appreciated the importance of training and goals. Through a combination of methods he had my elbow in 98% condition over the course of several weeks. Jack was very patient with me and took time to educate me as to what had happened in addition treating the elbow. It has been several weeks since treatment ended and I am grateful for perhaps the many months saved by seeing him. I recommend him especially to those active in sports.

Ben Mohammed

Stephen Hetherington

‘I self-referred myself to the clinic as I had pain in my left knee which was preventing me from doing the things I enjoy – running, rowing, cycling, and playing squash.  I’d had sports massage therapy on the knee before at different clinics, but, although providing temporary relief, the problem always seemed to return.

At the clinic, after examining me, Jack explained what he thought the problem was (restricting his use of medical jargon!) and outlined a stretching and leg-strengthening programme to address the problem.  I was very impressed with Jack’s professionalism and medical knowledge.  I followed the programme he had recommended and am pleased to say that the pain has now completely gone.  I recently competed in a 5K race and experienced no pain either during or after the race.

Jack also treated me for a shoulder complaint that was restricting my ability to play squash.  I’m pleased to say that, following Jack’s diagnosis and treatment, I am well on the way to recovery with regard to that injury as well.

Jack always emailed me after each session, to ensure I didn’t have any further questions, and to remind me what he wanted me to do before the next session.

I have no hesitation in recommending Jack.  He treated the root cause of my sport injuries, not just the symptoms.’

Stephen Hetherington

Lara Owen

“I pulled my hamstring during a match at the end of the season and decided to see someone for sports rehabilitation. I actually contacted a few different clinics, but found Jack at Body motion to be the most helpful even prior to visiting. On my first visit he took me through a assessment and started with some exercises and sports massage. Over the sessions it built up from static exercises to moving outdoors and doing dynamic exercises specifically targeting the hamstring and gluts areas. All the exercises were emailed to me in detail so that I could continue the programme at home to speed up recovery. The final sessions included testing the hamstring through imitating lacrosse game scenarios and movements, and finally a “full functional fitness test” leading to discharge. I found that the whole treatment programme helped me get back to training quickly and in a structured way, so as to prevent any further damage and potential re-injury. Hopefully I won’t get any more injuries, but if I did I would return to Jack for further help – his knowledge and expertise on sports injuries was very comprehensive and presented in a way that was easily understood.”

Lara Owen – England Lacrosse Player

James Butter

“I sprained my ankle while playing football and I knew it would put me out of action for a while, but I was frustrated with what seemed a very slow recovery. So after a couple of weeks on crutches I came to see Jack. He worked on getting rid of the swelling and getting me walking properly again. Over the following weeks he progressed me through more challenging exercises, combined with massaging and mobilisation techniques to recover the range of movement in my ankle. I really wanted to get back the full functionality of my ankle and ensure that the injury didn’t have long-term effects and I think Jack has helped me do this much sooner than I had anticipated. I also found the sessions very educational and have felt that I have learnt plenty of useful lessons about recovering from this type of injury and preventing anything like it happening again, as well as more general tips about warming up and training. I really value the treatment I have received and the lessons I have learnt from Jack at Body Motion.”

James Butter

R. Bombardi

“I first went to see Emma at Bodymotion at the beginning of 2008 trying to release some tension in my neck and upper back. I soon found out that the treatment was helping significantly and, after a few sessions, any discomfort was gone. The treatments are very helpful and release the tension that invariably build up from time to time. I have also started seeing Jack recently (the Sport Masseur and Rehabilitator) and the combination of Emma and Jack has further increased the benefit of the treatments. They both are very knowledgeable and helpful, and have helped me putting together exercises to do at home and at the gym that help improving my posture. I also often ask Jack for advice in respect of gym exercises and I have come to trust him more than any personal trainer! I have recommended them to friends and colleagues, and the feedback has always been very positive!”

R Bombardi

K. Lawlor

Throughly recommended. A great personal service.

K Lawlor

O Brennan

“I first came to Bodymotion after a muscle spasm hindered the mobility in my neck. I could not turn my head left or right.

The problem would occur irregularly, but when it did I could hardly move. Working with Emma over time has eradicated the problem and has also improved my overall movement. The improvement has been generated by the work Emma has done and also the exercises I was given to do on my own.

I also feel I know now much more about how my neck and back works due to the explanations of the treatment as we went along. I can highly recommend Bodymotion whether you are looking for a short term fix, or help with a long term problem.

I can also now play golf again without issue!!”

O brennan

G L Metacalfe

“I have for a number of years relied upon chiropractic treatment to alleviate the pain I have experienced in my neck, shoulder, upper and lower back since the early eighties. General ‘maintenance’ sessions in conjunction with periodically necessary intensive treatments kept me in reasonable shape until late 2008.

Whilst I had become accustomed to manipulation and mechanical massage I discovered when I first saw Emma that she had more skills than I was aware were available with chiropractic assessment and treatment. Her investigative manner, her gentle approach to manipulation and her excellent massage techniques rapidly began to have a positive and desirable effect.

Very kindly she wrote a report that enabled me to seek assistance through the NHS by opting for a scan to discover the root cause of my condition, and the outcome diagnosis supported her theory that she had explained to me previously.

I am deeply appreciative of the care that Emma Daniells has provided, and indeed whereas I anticipated having constant pain that would ruin my summer vacation, I was able to drive 3000 miles through France and climb a mountain on Corsica.

If anyone has a musculo-skeletal disorder associated with back pain they could do no better than to consult Emma for a road map to a prompt recovery.”

G L Metcalfe

T Ashtong

“At the risk of speaking too soon, just thought I’d let you know that I
have now for some time been completely free of any of the symptoms that
I was suffering from. Thanks again for your help and in the nicest possibly way I do hope we don’t see each other again (at least not in your workplace – the pub would be fine!).”
T Ashtong

Michael Lee

“I initially contacted Bodymotion some months ago for treatment on my tight hamstrings following the London marathon. What has since transpired is that my glut and stomach muscles lacked strength, and interestingly my running action required subtle change. The chiropractic treatment Emma has performed, along with her advice on the ‘right’ way to train has helped me greatly – I now clearly appreciate the importance of maintaining a solid base. With another marathon on the horizon, I must thank Emma for her help and sound advice as there were times over the past month when I thought my days running long distances had come to an abrupt end. ”

Michael Lee

Bruce Hunt

I have tried many chiroporactors over the years but there is something different about Bodymotion that i’ve not experienced elsewhere. This is down to the mix of treatments using both massage and manipulation, rather than just one or the other. I have been going to see Emma for about 6 months now and i am much improved. She prides herself in ensuring you leave even after your first session feeling much better than you went in. I’ve also never felt as though i am being sold more treatments than i actually need, unlike I have at other practices. I just wsh i had found hem sooner.

Bruce Hunt

J. Lavin

“I found all at Bodymotion to be highly professional and courteous.  They treated my injury, explaining in detail the cause of the injury and nature of the treatment required to remedy and prevent further injury and complications.  I have no hesitation in recommending them.”

J Lavin

F Punter

“I have been attending Bodymotion in the Barbican for  just over 8 months. I simply cannot believe the improvement in the mobility of my neck & the significant results I have experienced in the use of my right hip. I am delighted to have found relief from years of over doing it at the gym & the after effects of being hunched over a PC day in day out! I’d recommend the practice to anyone who wants quality treatment from true professionals”

F Punter, Sponsorship Group Director