St Pauls Chiropractor

St. Paul’s Chiropractor, Physiotherapist & Sports Massage Therapist.

St. Paul’s Chiropractor Clinic: Directions from St. Paul’s underground:

Central Line

Take the exit on the left at the top of escalator.

Go up stairs on the left signed ‘Barbican’ .

Continue straight ahead approx 100m and take first right onto ‘Gresham Street’.

Continue down Gresham Street, taking third left signed ‘Wood Street’

Continue down ‘Wood Street’ and take escalators at the end on the left handside with the yellow pavement writing saying ‘Barbican Centre Follow’ (just before the main road)

At the the top of escalators follow the yellow line straight ahead .

Cointinue straight ahead past the the reception for 125 london Wall

Cross the bridge into barbican building and take an immediate left into ‘Wallside’

Take an immediate right and walk down two flights of stairs.

The Clinic shares premises with the Barbican Dental Practice in the ‘Postern Building’.

Parking near our St. Paul’s Chiropractic Clinic:

Barbican Centre 22 NCP: 2 minute walk to the North
Barbican Centre 33 NCP: 2 minute walk to the North
Barbican Centre 4/55 NCP: 2 minute walk to the North
Smithfield Central Market NCP: 6 minute walk to the West
Finsbury Square NCP: 8 minute walk to the North East


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