Khalil Hussein BSc MChiro FR FRCMs

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Skillset: Chiropractor, Medical acupuncture, functional movement assessment/rehabilitation, soft tissue techniques

Khalil qualified as a doctor of Chiropractic in 2012 after completing a Masters Degree at Macquarie University in Australia 2012. He had previously graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biomedicine from the University of Queensland.

After graduating, Khalil worked as a Chiropractor in East Brisbane for Tyack Health, a multi-disciplinary Clinic with over 50 different practitioners from a variety of fields including Medicine, Physiotherapy, Psychology and Occupational Therapy.  Upon moving to the UK in 2016 he accepted a position with Live Free Wellness in Putney. Working alongside such a range of specialist healthcare professionals he treated a range of patients from heavily pregnant women to elite level sports injuries.

Khalil’s patient centred approach and philosophy in treating the cause and not just the symptoms fits in very well with Bodymotion’s practice model. He is certified in Functional Movement Assessments and Rehabilitation and he utilises his experience and training to provide bespoke one on one functional rehab programmes.

“Body Motion appealed to me because of your multi-modal approach to helping patients, through the use of Chiropractic, Soft Tissue Techniques, Acupuncture and Rehabilitation. I believe that by combining these multiple approaches to care, the best outcome is always achieved for the patient.”

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves Khalil.

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