Mark Foster

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Skillset: Sports massage, Deep tissue massage, Fascial release trigger point therapy

A good Sports Massage therapist is not easy to come across and exceptional ones are few and far between so we could not be more pleased to have Mark join the team at Bodymotion. He is an experienced and highly regarded Sports Massage therapist. He currently works in the English Premier League with the Crystal Palace Football Club (first team) in addition to assisting the Northern Ireland National youth team on an adhoc basis. Mark has gained much experience and expertise working with elite level sportsmen and women from a range of backgrounds. He is equally comfortable with performing more generic massage for releasing stress and muscle tension relating to working posture. Mark is both personable and approachable. He is incredibly attentive and tailors his treatment to the client’s requirements and individual preferences.

If you would like to know more about Mark or have any questions regarding sports massage then please do not hesitate to contact him directly via email or phone the clinic on 020 7374 2272. We look forward to seeing you soon.


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