Natasha Abercrombie

Skillset: Massage, Pilates

Natasha is a fantastic addition to Bodymotion with a diverse skills set in not only Soft tissue Therapy (Deep Tissue massage, Sports Massage, Fascial release techniques) but also in Pilates and Yoga.

It was during her time studying dance that she became injured and her subsequent inability to do the sports and activities she loved led to Natasha discovering a passion for the knowledge behind pain, muscle dysfunction and injury. This set Natasha on the path to study movement and massage. Natasha found that regular manual therapy and Pilates alongside one another had an increased positive effect both mentally and physically. The deep massage and fascial techniques helped to alleviate pain and re-align the tissues. Then by integrating the postural awareness and strengthening exercises of Pilates, Natasha found an excellent rehabilitative programme.

Natasha qualified as a Body Control Pilates matwork, Reformer and Cadillac teacher in 2012.  To add to her movement training and explore how the mind effects the body, she trained as a Yoga teacher. Natasha then attended the London School of Sports massage and attained a diploma in Clinical Sport and Remedial soft tissue therapy.

The massage training plus the Yoga and Pilates background enables Natasha to use a combination of hands on techniques, fascial bodywork, posture and correct alignment and strengthening and stretching exercises. Individual packages and bespoke treatments for each person can therefore be created.

After spending the last 3 years between Ibiza and the French Alps working as a Pilates teacher and Sports massage therapist, Natasha has moved back to London to work at Bodymotion and studying for an osteopathy degree.

If you would like to know how you could benefit from Sports Massage and injury rehabilitation then contact Natasha now. She will be only too happy to give you her expert opinion. We offer a call-back service, so get in touch today (no obligation, of course): +44 (0)20 7374 2272. Alternatively, drop Tasha an email  We promise to get back to you.

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