Marathon Prehab

A Prehab session before starting Marathon training?

Have you just got a place in the London Marathon 2015 ? Do you feel fit as a fiddle or are you concerned about training and developing an injury? Have you had an injury in the past which you are worried will flair up and affect your “personal best?”.

Come and see our Sports Rehabber for a prehab assessment before it’s too late! We are offering a functional assessment to all marathon runners in the build up to your training program. It is crucial to get your training right and that includes making sure you are fit to complete the training in the first place. Some scary statistics are 50-70% of first time marathon runners don’t make it to the start line due to injury through training (American college of Sports medicine)  and rate of injury can reach up to  79% in long distance runners (British Journal Sports Medicine) so get an assessment today!

By completing a prehab assessment, we can help identify any restricted or tight areas you may have. More importantly our assessment will identify any points of weakness that may eventually be a contributing factor to injury. This will involve taking a short medical, injury and running history followed by a postural assessment, manual testing of the joints and muscles and a functional movement screen.

We want to help you enjoy your training and race day by reducing the risk of injury.

For more information, please email Emma Manaton