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I was back up and running very quickly and managed to get through the event I was training for. She’s a brilliant Sports Massage and Rehabber and I highly recommend her!”
Jeremy, Iron Man Triathlete

On leaving the Bodymotion clinic, I felt for the first time since the run,
I could again climb and descend stairs without shooting pain

Tim Fairlie

From athletes to office workers, we continue to help hundreds of patients fully recover from debilitating pains and stiffness.

We’re open from 07:30 until 19:00 every weekday and are based in a conveniently central location in London, just minutes from Bank, St. Paul’s, Moorgate, Barbican, Liverpool Street and Cannon Street underground stations, so that you can get to us before work, during lunch or after hours.

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In most cases, we can offer same-day appointments. You can view our availability online now and book within just a few steps. This online service also lets you reschedule appointments as and when unexpected commitments appear in your diary.

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Your Female Sports Massage Therapists

Em Manaton

Em ManatonHi, I’m Em, your dedicated Sports and Deep Tissue Massage Therapist. I’m an avid runner myself and so I understand the concerns of my patients – they don’t just want to overcome debilitating pain, but they want to do it in time for their next race!

Having studied the intricacies of professional massage techniques and helping hundreds of sports people over the past 7 years, I know first hand (pardon the pun!) the positive impact Sports Massage has on both performance and recovery. Through experience I have learnt to combine various techniques to optimise treatment results. These include sports massage, deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, and soft tissue and fascial release.

I adore my job! Every day I can see instant and tangible results from treating a range of patients from professional athletes to city executives. I get a real buzz out of hearing how my patients have responded to my sessions and helping them in achieving their performance goals. Anything from completing an ultra-marathon to a sponsored walk.

If you would like know how you could benefit from sports massage then contact me now. I will be only too happy to give you my honest opinion. We offer a call-back service, so get in touch today and I’ll speak to you soon (no obligation, of course): +44 (0)20 7374 2272. Alternatively, drop me an email – I promise to get back to you.

Many thanks,

Em Manaton


“After my first appointment I knew I was not just getting a massage, but a very professional and comprehensive treatment, tailored specifically for my needs
K Metelkina

Kerry Howes

Kerry Howes RMT LondonI’m Kerry, I have recently returned to the UK having lived in Canada for several years. Hence the slight accent. In 2008 I completed a 3,000 hours massage course in British Columbia and have since been working in a, highly regarded, Sports Therapy Clinic in Victoria BC. During this time I enjoyed treating a diverse client base from elite level professional athletes to recreational exercisers.

I enjoy being physically active and am hugely in to CrossFit. It’s massive in Canada , but seemingly, not so well known in the UK. I believe my active lifestyle and personal journey to wellness allows me to provide optimal care to my patients.

I am passionate about Sports Massage. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly and well patients respond to treatment. I love helping patients exceed their goals, especially, the unexpected benefits they experience and the positive effects it has on their everyday lives.

My professional training and years of experience ensure I am able to pick the right techniques for optimal results.. For me it’s not just about releasing the tight muscle. It’s about optimising long term results and advising patients on how to get the best out of our sessions. This could be as simple as improving posture or doing some specific stretches.

If you would like know how you could benefit from sports massage then contact me now. I will be only too happy to give you my honest opinion. We offer a call-back service, so get in touch today and I’ll speak to you soon (no obligation, of course): +44 (0)20 7374 2272. Alternatively, drop me an email – I promise to get back to you.

Many thanks,

Kerry Howes


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The Geeky Stuff

We are committed to providing the very best service possible, which relies on our understanding. We keep up-to-date with the latest research and we are more than happy to share such articles with you, in case you’re interested in finding out more:

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