Onsite Posture Assessment

Why have a posture assessment?

60% of all work-related illnesses are the result of back, neck or limb problems. Back pain is by far the most common and accounts for 119 million lost days at work. This costs thousands of pounds in private healthcare insurance premiums, which largely involve treating symptoms.

Bodymotion’s multi-disciplined team of musculoskeletal healthcare professionals firmly believe in the adage that ‘Prevention is better than cure’. We know from treating thousands of office-based city workers over the past eight years just how important posture is in the long-term. Not only for physical and mental wellbeing, but also in optimising the performance of city professionals. This can quite literally be a headache for employees and HR managers alike.

Thousands of pounds are spent on ergonomic equipment and private healthcare costs, but this only addresses half of the issue, as many patients have developed poor postural behaviour.

Why Bodymotion?

90% of patients visiting Bodymotion present with neck and low back pain. The unique combination of our clinical expertise, experience and training has allowed us to devise an assessment and posture programme that goes beyond what is currently being offered. We have reviewed current guidelines and assessment criteria laid out by the HSE (Health & Safety Executive) and combined this with our clinical experience and a review of cutting edge technological breakthroughs to offer businesses an assessment service which is second to none. This has been overseen by Ben Glenister, who has studied biomechanics at postgraduate level under a programme overseen by a world renowned professor of spinal biomechanics.

What’s involved?

We understand how busy most city professionals are and have devised this posture assessment so as to cause minimal disruption. This has only been made possible by cutting edge wearable technology. This assessment is a unique and unbelievably comprehensive service.

Our posture assessments are one-to-one assessments which will then direct an individually tailored intervention programme including exercises, stretches, posture and ergonomic advice. Our aim is to improve individual postural behaviours to enhance performance and reduce unnecessary pain and discomfort.

For the employer, the benefits of this will be lower health care premiums, reduced absenteeism and, ultimately, a much happier and therefore productive staff.

An outline of the full assessment criteria can be seen below. Please note these can be modified to meet requirements:

• Real time digital recording of an individual’s sitting posture using state of the art wearable technology.

• One-to-one discussion regarding any relevant aches pains or traumas.

• Observation and discussion of the individual’s work processes and preferences, i.e. posture, ergonomics.

• Check of work station equipment and environment, i.e. lighting, leg room, monitor stand, chair, etc.

• Preliminary digital standing posture assessment with report emailed to employee.

• Postural muscle length testing, complete with individually tailored stretching and strengthening programme.

• Follow-up report and sit down meeting to discuss any relevant findings and possible areas for improvement with office manager.

• Personalised posture and ergonomics advice handout sheet, specific for each employee.

Optional extra: posture muscle relaxation massages by our specialist sports massage therapist.

Please note that we do not mention any changes or need for new equipment until the follow-up meeting with the relevant decision maker/manager. We are sensitive to different budgets and try to offer a range of solutions to meet these requirements.

A fully qualified and experienced chiropractor will be onsite to oversee the programme and, depending on requirements, a professional sports massage and rehabilitation therapist.

What do I need to do next?

We understand that all businesses have their own individual requirements and openly welcome the opportunity to discuss bespoke arrangements to suit, in order to minimise disruption and maximise effectiveness.

For further information regarding costing, please call the clinic or email us today.


Once you experience the benefits of improving postural behaviour, you will wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. If you wish to discuss this further with one of Posture Team, then please phone 020 7374 2272 or email the clinic via enquiries@body-motion.co.uk to discuss this further.

Our team of chiropractors and massage therapists are on hand to answer any questions you may have, so get in touch today via enquiries@body-motion.co.uk or on +44 (0)20 7374 2272.

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