Iliopsoas Bursitis


This condition describes irritation of the bursa between the iliopsoas (hip flexor) muscle and the anterior hip capsule and iliopectineal eminence located at the front of the pelvis.

Iliopsoas/Iliopectineal Bursa


Iliopsoas Muscle



Similar to the function of all other bursae, the iliopsoas bursa separates muscle/tendon from bone and acts to facilitate movement, reducing friction between the anterior hip capsule/iliopectineal eminence and the iliopsoas.

Bursae are found in many locations within the body, such as the knee and shoulder, and, like any soft tissue, can become injured. In the case of the iliopsoas bursa, injury maybe due to friction caused by tightness of the iliopsoas, which is common in athletes such as cross country skiers, runners and gymnasts. Other causes of iliopsoas bursitis include infection, trauma or an anatomically irregular iliopectineal eminence.

Common features of an iliopsoas bursitis are severe acute anterior hip pain, often with associated pain reported down the anterior thigh due to femoral nerve irritation. The patient may also appear bent over with the hip rotated outwards.

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