Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome

The tibialis anterior is an important muscle in the lower half of the shin and foot which helps to control foot motion. It attaches half way down on the lateral side of the shin then sweeps over the front of the ankle to attach to a bone on the medial part of the mid-foot and the bottom of the big toe. The muscle plays an important role in stabilising the foot during the initial contact phase of walking and helps to pull the foot upwards to clear the floor during the swing phase.

Tibialis anterior can get painful and tight if the foot isn’t stabilising correctly or if it is being put under higher stress and having to transfer greater forces by increased amounts of running. This is also referred as medial tibial stress syndrome or shin splints.

Manual therapy is needed to help relieve the irritated tissue and aid in repair and rehabilitation will be needed to strengthen and re-stabilise the foot. The lower limb mechanics will also need to be assessed to stop any dysfunctions.

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