Tibial Stress Fracture





The tibia is the largest of the two leg bones and is located on the inner part of the leg relative to the lateral fibula, which is the smaller bone located laterally.

The tibia is prone to stress/fatigue fractures in patients who perform sports such as long-distance running, whereby repetitive stress is exerted on the tibia without sufficient time being allowed for the bone to heal. This can be due to running on hard surfaces, faulty footwear and/or weakness of the muscles located at the back of the leg, which in turn causes increased loading of the bone due to diminished shock absorption.

From a symptom perspective, patients often report shin pain at the end of a run, which is initially relieved with rest, but then becomes more persistent with any loading. There is often a tender area over the bone. Stress fractures can in some cases be seen on x-ray, although a bone scan is often more reliable.

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