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Bodymotion is a chiropractic, massage, and sports injuries clinic based in the heart of the City of London. We have provided relief for a range of patients from sedentary, city-based office workers to international performance artists, dancers and professional sportspeople.

Chiropractic Treatment

Why Choose Our Axa Chiropractor?

We are so proud of the service our Axa Chiropractor offers at Bodymotion that we openly encourage patients to compare us with other Axa clinics. Here are just some of the reasons to choose us:

Experienced and Professional Axa Chiropractors:

Emma Daniells,  Ben Glenister, Shahin Babayi and LArs Ipsen are our Axa chiropractors.  These practitioners have between  5-20 years of experience and are trained in a variety of treatment techniques such as SOT and diversified manipulation. We have been established for 18 years and receive regular patient referrals from local GP’s and Consultant Spinal Surgeons.

1 Hour Initial Consultation:

Our Axa Chiropractor will take a thorough case history and perform an in-depth physical assessment. The findings are then explained along with a diagnosis, prognosis and a treatment plan agreed upon. Treatment is performed in 95% of cases during this session, providing further investigation is not indicated.

Treatment Sessions:

Our sessions are tailored to individual patient’s requirements to optimise recovery and reduce the risk of recurrence. They may include a variety of interventions including joint manipulation/mobilisation, soft tissue work e.g. deep tissue massage etc, posture/ergonomic correction, bespoke home strengthening/stretching exercise protocols, and many more. 

Male and Female Axa Chiropractors are available

Health Insurance Coverage and Hassle-Free Billing:

We bill Axa directly so you don’t have to.

Convenient and Flexible:

Our Axa chiropractor offers extended opening hours for out-of-office appointment times (7.30am-7pm Monday to Friday). We are located in the heart of the city of London (EC2) just off London Wall. We are a few minutes walk from BankSt. Pauls and Barbican Underground Stations and literally one minute from Moorgate,

Dedicated Receptionist: 

Phone calls answered and emails replied to quickly and efficiently. 

Same-Day Appointments:

The clinic diary is optimally organised to allow for new Axa patient appointments to be made available every day. Over 90% of new patients are offered an appointment on the same day they call.

Chiropractor Call Back Service:

Should you wish to discuss your injury/complaint with an Axa chiropractor before booking an appointment then we will happily arrange a callback.

Live Online Booking/Appointment Management System:

Book and reschedule appointments with your Axa chiropractor 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Find Us: Bodymotion City of London, EC2

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