Teodora Veverita



The Bodymotion clinic has incredibly high standards to uphold. Teodora, Teo as she likes to be known, takes sports massage to the next level and personifies the clinics selection process. She combines her expert knowledge, gained from a 4 year sports therapy degree, with a wealth of hands on massage experience to deliver the very best care.

Teo has gained experience working with a wide range of sports such as rugby, basketball, football, and marathons. She has also worked within Chiropractic clinics where she has been exposed to a spectrum of age ranges and fitness levels. Teo is confident she can design a treatment tailored to your body’s needs. Her main expertise is in soft tissue work offering deep tissue, sports, and Swedish massage.

Teo very much enjoys being physically active and this started in her home country, Romania, where she enjoyed a decade long career as a successful Gymnast. Teo explains her background…

“My gymnastics journey started at the age of 4, which allowed the body to adapt, perform and control complex movements which require a wide range of skills including strength, flexibility, and balance. I benefited a lot from professional massage therapy during this period and I became really fascinated with Movement Science and Massage. My goal is always to help patients feel and be their very best.”

Teo’s professional training and experience ensures she can pick the right techniques for optimal results. If you would like to know how you could benefit from sports massage and injury rehabilitation, then contact Teo now. She will be only too happy to give you her expert opinion. We offer a call-back service, so get in touch today (no obligation, of course): +44 (0)20 7374 2272. Alternatively, drop Teo an email enquiries@body-motion.co.uk. We promise to get back to you.


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